Nemoriini Nemoria festaria  Family: Geometridae
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Nemoria festaria  #2  - 21 September 2010
#2 geometrid

Nemoria festaria #2 - 21 September 2010
#2 geometrid from Central Utah

Nemoria festaria #1 - 21 September 2010
geometrid #1

Nemoria festaria #1 - 21 September 2010

Larva #2 silked inself into a nest then formed  pupa  5 October 2010

Pupa  showing green on wing case on 12 December 2010
pupa on 12 December 2010

Pupa  at 5 P.M. 14 December 2010,  6 1/2 hours before adult emerged
pupa 6 1/2 hours before adult emerged

Female  just  after emerging from pupa - 11:30 P.M. 14 December 2010
female just after emerging

Closer look at head, antennae and legs - Lateral View
closer look at head and legs

Closer look at head  and antennae - Dorsal View
dorsal view of head and antennae

Specimen Photos
female upperwing

Female - Underwing

Larger Photo of  Female Specimen - Upperwing
female specimen - upperwing

Larger Photoof  Female Specimen -Underwing

Photo Details - ©Nicky Davis
Located in Central Utah on Corymbosum Buckwheat
9 August 2010

Pronunciation: Geometridae = j

Both Pupae were misted daily and kept in light 24 hours a day. #1 pupa hibernated  but #2 finally began developing by showing a dark eye on the pupa. Then the wing case of the pupa turned green with pinkish edges showing.  Then  on  14 December 2010 the adult moth emerged.

Thin while lines on a green background on forewing and hindwing. They have a red terminal line  and the fringes are  checkered with red-pink markings at the end of each vein. White spots inside pink spots appear along the abdomen

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