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Argiope, Banded
Bark Crab Spider, Thomisidae xysticus
Black Widow Spider, female
Cat-faced Spider
Cross Spider, an Orb Weaver, 7-25-04, Antelope Island
Daddy-longlegs or Harvestmen
Funnelweb Spider, female - Agelenidae agelenopsis Aperta (?)
Jumping - Red-backed  - Phidippus johnsoni
Jumping- Tan - Platycryptus
Jumping- Phidippus  unk 1
Jumping- Phidippus unk 2
Jumping- Phidippus unk.
Jumping Spider- Salticidae Phidippus , species unk. 03-23-06
Neoscona oaxacensis
Platycryptus undata (no common name)
Tarantula, Utah -  Aphonopelma iodius
Tibellus duttoni or chamberlini

Wolf Spiders - Adults - Lycosidae
Wolf Spider - ballooning immature spider - Lycosidae
Zebra Jumping Spider,  Salticus scenicus

Unknown, August 03, 2006

Passive dispersal in arachnids