White-faced  Meadowhawk, Male  -  Libellulidae   Sympetrum  obtrusum

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#1 Male
Dorsal View of Male

#2 Male with broken wing showing no red tint on wing veins
broken wing but showing vein coloring




Close-up of Black Triangles on Lower Sides of Abdomen
lblack triangles on lower sides of abdomen

Dorsal  Close-up of Thorax
thorax - dorsal

Lateral Close-up of Thorax
close-up of lateral view of thorax

Close-up Photos of Appendages
underside of appendages
dorsal view of appendages
lateral view of appendages

Photo Details - ©Nicky Davis

Photos are of posed live male
located 11 September 2011 at the Jordan River Parkway - 9840 South, Salt Lake County, Utah
N., W
Elevation - 4318 feet

35 mm long.  Male face is white,  abdomen and thorax is red.  Thorax has no top strips or side stripes except in immatures.  The abdomen has black triangles on the lower sides.  The wing veins  are grayish black.

Female faces are greenish white and bodies are similar to males or golden colored.

lib-ell-YEW-lid-ee   sim-PEAT-rum 

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