Jumping Spider
Phidippus audax

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Male ready for mating
He extended his two front legs and waved them around
Then approached the female

mating stance

Mating? with #1 Female (orange markings)

Male Mating ? with  #3  Female (white markings) - 20 April 2017

Egg sac from #2 Audax - Not mated
egg sac 


Photo Details - ŠNicky Davis
1.  Male Phidippus stance when put in with #2 female
2. Phidippus audax mating 20 April 2017
3.  20 April 2017, #3 female  Phidippus produced an egg sac though she had not mated.

Note:   #1 female had extra large abdomen with orange markings on dorsal side of abdomen.  She was not anxious to mate with the male though he made several attempts. I think this photo is of them mating.  Number 2 female was more receptive and I think the mating was also successful.
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