Venezuelan Suntiger Tarantula
Psalmopoeus irminia

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at 1 inch
7 December 2018 ~1 inch

Photo Details - ŠNicky Davis
Pronunciation - sal-muh-PEE-uhs  urh-MI-nee-uh (
Purchased from TJ Rowsell, 7 December 2018
Originate from rain forests of Venzuela where temperatures can get down to 60F in January.
Arboreal tarantula, possibly fossorial at immature stages

Maximum size ~ 6 - 7 inches
Adult male is brown and has tibial spurs at maturity.
Adult female is black with orange chevron on abdomen and orange pattern on tarsus and metatarsus
Female live about 15-20 years and males about 4 years
Egg sacs have 50-200 spiderlings.  They can lay two egg sacs from one mating.
Slings Like 70-80% humidity
They possess  potent venom but lack urticating hairs.
Excellent sprinters and like to jump

Both male and female can mate at about 4.5 -  5 inches
A report on the web noted a mating  January 4th and eggsac found February 20th
Method was said to open door of male and female cages and tape the cages together. At 8 A.M. The female came out of hide and began drumming and male began drumming also.  There were 6 insertions, 3 sets of 2, broken by a slight break.  During break females fangs remained locked by tibial spurs.  Then the female turned around and retreated into her burrow. Temp 70 degrees F, humidity in room 60%, females cage was moist. Many people reported dimming lights.

7 December 2018 - ~1 inch DLS
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