Chilean rose tarantula "pink" form
aka Rose hair tarantula
aka Chilean fire tarantula
aka Chilean red-haired tarantula 
Grammostola rosea "pink variant"

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molt- pink phase
Pinned Molt 30 July 2017

rosea on 31 July 2017, day after molt
Photo on 31 July 2017, the day after molt

21June 2017
Molted on 15 June 2017 - Photo on 21 June 2017

After molt on 26 Apil
New housing for rosea after molting on 26 April 2017

pink phase grammostola rosea
Spiderling in container February 2017
Photo Details - ŠNicky Davis

From k8inverts, February 2017, about 1 inch toe to toe

This species is a terrestrial, new world tarantula originating in Northern Chili with urticating setae on abdomen. At maturity about 6 inches DLS (diagonal leg span).  Life expectancy reportedly 20-25 years for females and males about 5 years

Spiderling kept at 60-65% humidity and room temperature ~74°- 77°
Adults at 40-55%? 55-65? These humidity suggestions differ from author to author.

March 8 2017, April 26  2017, June 15  2017, July 30 2017,

May 1, 2017 rehoused to 4"x4"x5" container

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