Spiderling - Tarantula, Green Bottle Blue
Species: cyaneopubescens
Genus: Chromatopelma

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December 2016 Showing Underside
underside december 2016

February 2017 Showing Underside of theTarantula
underside of chromatopelma cyaneopubescens

Photo Details - ŠNicky Davis
"The Green Bottle Blue Tarantula originates in dry climates from the desert areas of northern Venezuela, the Paraguan peninsula.  Gunter Schmidt In 1995 considered the species sufficiently distinct to warrant a new genus, Chromatopelma.  The genus name refers to the "beautiful blue colour" of C. cyaneopubescens.  Schmidt differentiated Chromatopelma from Aphonopelma based on scopulae of the tarsus of the third leg and the metatarsus and tarsus of the fourth leg being divided by bristles (setae); the very large posterior median eyes; and the single fused spermatheca of the female.  The scopula pads ( dense tufts of hair) on the end of their feet make it possible to walk on smooth surfaces such as glass."  Wikipedia

Purchased as spiderling 9 December 2016 from Justin - Not a wild caught spider
Sex Unknown, ~1 1/2 inches toe to toe diagonally

Photo of underside in early February 2017 before molt that restored the missing leg

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