Male Brazilian Dwarf Beauty
Kochiana brunnipes

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tibial hook
Molted 14 July 2017 and now has tibial hooks

on june 23, 2017
As of  23 June 2017

Kochiana brunnipes mar42017
1.5 inches as of March 4, 2017


Photo Details - ŠNicky Davis

14 July 2017 molted and has tibial hooks as shown on photo
 22 May, 2017 - Rehoused to a 5x5x7 inch container
13 April 2017 - Molted
February 2, 2017 From K8inverts 1 1/2 inches toe to toe, subject on side of its container while being moved on March 4, 2017

per "pronounce" app    cauch ee anna    brun  eye ps
per "how to pronounce" on internet    coo ki ana  brun ips
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