Mountain Goldenpea==Mountain Goldenbanner==False Lupine - Leguminosae / Fabaceae (Pea or Legume Family)  Thermopsis montana
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thermopsis montana flower


seed pods

leaflets of three


Growing wild along a river by Strawberry Reservoir

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Found at Strawberry Reservoir, Wasatch County, Utah on  June 24, 2008. 
Elevation 7700 feet
N. 40.09.85, W. 111.11.517

1., 2., 3. Photos of Flower, leaves and stems and seed pods from those growing on Jack Harry's property.
4., 5., 6.   Close-up of the  leaflets arranged in threes., Plant,  Plants growing by a creek in Strawberry Reservoir.

Thermopsis is one of the larval host plants for the butterflies listed below.  For available photos, click on  your choice of

Harford's Sulphur, Colias harfordi
Clouded Sulphur, Colias philodice
Orange Sulphur, Colias eurytheme
Western Sulphur,Colias occidentalis pseudochristina
Silvery Blue,Glaucopsyche lygdamus

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