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Mountain Goat - Oreamnos americanus

Hummingbird, Black-chinned, sub-adult - August 2018, Draper, Utah
Hummingbird, Rufous female August 2018, Draper, Utah
Chickadee, Black-capped - August 23, 2018, Draper, Utah
Crane, Sandhill - August 19, 2018
Hummingbird, Male Rufous August 2018
Hawk bathing in Bird Bath July 3, 2018
Scrubjay at Draper, Utah
Goldfinch-American adult Male

Colias euretheme - Orange Sulphur - tring to nectar on silk flower at Eureka Cemetery
Speyeria cybele - Great Spangled Fritillary pair
Polites sabuleti - Sandhill Skipper
Lycaena editha montana - Edith's Copper
Ochlodes sylvanoides - Woodland Skipper
Adelpha eulalia - Arizona Sister

Meadowhawk, Striped - Sympetrum pallipes - Mercur, Tooele County, Utah
Spreadwing- Lyre-tipped, Lestes unguiculatus Pair - Wasatch State Park
Pondhawk, Western - Erythemis collocata - immature male - Goshen wetland
Meadowhawk, Western - Male - Sympetrum occidentale
Bluet, Familiar- Female Enallagma civile - Nephi Canyon
Skimmer, Twelve spotted female at Draper, Utah
Skimmer, Four Spotted - Libellula quadrimaculata
Whiteface, Dot-tailed- Leucorrhinia intacta
Spreadwing, Great - Archilestes grandis

Joined Underwing Moth - Catacola junctura
Cucullia montanae caterpillar - Mountain Hooded Owlet on Rabbitbrush at Jordanelle,      Wasatch County, Utah
Pseudosciaphila duplex - Poplar Leaf Roller Moth
Hodges #2769
Chalcoela iphitalis - Sooty-winged Chalcoela

Western Tiger Beetle- Cicindala oregona, Goshen Dam, Utah County, Utah May 5, 2019

Apache Jumping Spider - Phidippus apacheanus - male -Lincoln Beach, Utah County
Mecaphesa? Thomisidae at Mercur, Tooele County, Utah
Banded Argiope - Argiope trifasciata - female with stabilimentum - Mercur Ghost Town
Orb Weaver - Lynx Spider - Oxyopes at Draper, Utah September 2018
Apache Jumping Spider - Phidippus apacheanus, female at Eureka Cemetery, 28 Aug.2018
Cobweb Spiders - Widow, Black - male - Latrodectus hesperus
Orbweaver, Longjawed - Tetragnathidae - Antelope Island, Utah May 8, 2018
Orb Weaver - Araneidae larinia - Antelope Island, Utah May 8, 2018
Apache Jumping Spider - Phidippus apacheanus (dark phase) female
Zig-Zag Spider or Western Spotted Orbweaver - Neoscona oaxacensis at Lincoln Beach
Pterinopelma sazimai adult male with spurs
Neoscona Tree
Ground Hunter - Sergiolus montanus
Curly Hair Tarantula after molt 9August 2018- Brachypelma albopilosum
Bark Crab Spider - Thomisidae bassaniana
Phidippus octopunctatus at Nephi Canyon
Candy Stripe Spider - Enoplognatha ovata - male
Candy Stripe Spider -  Enoplognatha ovata - cream colored spider on milkweed, 1 July 2018

Funnel Weaver - Agelenidae, In Draper, Utah
Six Spotted Orb Weaver - Araniella displicata at Wasatch State Park- 21June 2018
Wolf Spider with Egg Sac
Jumping Spider, Habronattus clypeatus at Mercur-April 27, 2018

Jumping Spider, Habronattus female at Mercur- April 27, 2018
Tarantula, Grammostola rosea - Chilean rose "pink" variant
Tarantula, Poecilotheria fasciata - Sri Lanka Ornamental
Tarantula, Poecilotheria metallica #2 - Female molt- Sapphire Ornamental Tree Spider
Tarantula, Pterinopelma sazimai - Brazilian Blue
Orb Weaver- Aculepeira packardi at Mercur
Orb Weaver, Banded Argiope- Argiope trifasciata with stabilimentum
Orb Weaver, Banded Argiope - Argiope trifasciata male and female at Mercur
Spider, Spitting - Scytodes thoracica

Butterfly Milkweed - Asclepias tuberosa
Gordon's Ivesia/Gordon's Mousetail - Ivesia gordonii
Red Sandspurry - Spergularia rubra
Golden Currant - Ribes aureum
Navajo Tea - Thelesperma subnudum - Asteraceae
Spiny Hopsage - Grayia spinosa

Sunset at Draper, Utah
Silver Lake, Big Cottonwood Canyon, Utah
Logan Canyon Cliffs
Utah Highway 20 rock formation

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