Gray Catbird - Mimidae Dumetella carolinensis
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Gray Catbird


Gray Catbird singing

Photo Details
June 27, 2004  - North Arm of Pineview Reservoir, Weber County, Utah  - ©NJDavis

L 8.5 WS 11, Uniform Gray, Blackish cap, Inconspicuous reddish-brown patch under base of  black tail.  Forages for insects and spiders plus wild grapes and berries.  Nest  made of twigs, leaves, grass and grapevine bark lined with small roots, pine needles and horsehair and placed in a shrub, vine or small tree 2-10 feet above ground. Lays 2-6 dark blue-green eggs. Male Catbird starts singing when he arrives on  breeding ground and does many courtship displays which include fluffing feathers, high squeaky singing and long chases of the female.  Both male and female give a "meeow" alarm call.

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