Bald Eagle - Accipitridae Haliaeetus leucocephalus
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Bald Eagle
Bald Eagle
3rd year subadult Bald Eagle
Photo of Bald Eagle Nest

1st year juvenile

1st year Bald Eagle

Photo Details
1.,2., 3., Adult,  February 13, 2005 - Geneva Steel area, Utah County, Utah  - ©CLDavis & NJDavis
4. Third year Subadult -  December 19, 2004 - Near Woodland, Summit County, Utah - ©NJDavis
5. Bald Eagle on nest - April 21, 2005, Wayne County, Utah - ©NJDavis
6., 7.  Adult at East Canyon, Morgan County, Utah -  December 25, 2005 - ©LA  Davis
1st year subadult - January 13, 2006, East Canyon, Morgan County, Utah - ©NJDavis
9. 1st year subadult December 25, 2005, East Canyon, Morgan County, Utah - ©NJDavis

Length 31" Wingspan 80".  Adult - Large, white head, white throat and tail, wide, straight wings, under wing dark, yellow  bill,  pale eye,  First year juvenile - Mostly all dark with some speckling on breast and wings, eyes dark.  Second year Juvenile- Top of  head and base of  bill turning lighter, belly and back- whitish, eyes a little lighter. Third year juvenile- Head turning white with a dark eyestripe, base of bill turning yellow, back whitish, belly white with dark speckling.

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