Snowy Egret - Ardeidae Egretta thula
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Farmington Bay

Snowy Egret

Snowy Egret with head feathers raised

Photo Details ŠNicky Davis

1.  Farmington Bay, Davis County, Utah - May 21, 2016
2., 3.  June 6, 2004  - Bear River  Migratory Bird Refuge, Box Elder County, Utah 

L 24 WS 41, Yellow feet with dark legs, Yellow lores, Long, dark bill, White body, During breeding, feet and skin in front eye turns orange or red.

Forages for fish, amphibians, snakes and insects in several different ways such as walking very slowly or quickly or running or hopping.  May use its feet to stir, rake or probe for food on the bottom.  May vibrate bill in water to attract fish. Lays 3-5 pale bluish green eggs in nests in colonies or singly using sticks and twigs for a platform and placed on the ground, tree or shrub 5-10 ft high

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