Red-Shafted Northern Flicker - Picadae Colaptes auratus
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Female Northern Flicker

Male Northern Flicker

Photo Details
1. Female - March 5, 2004 - Draper, Salt Lake County, Utah
2., 3.  male - February 2000
first view a  front view and second photo a side view showing back, wing and tail markings. *This male has a small red nape patch normally on the Yellow-shafted Flicker. He's a cross between the Yellow-shafted and th Red-shafted Flicker.
On garden deck in Sandy, Salt Lake County, Utah
3. Female - ©NJDavis

 L 12.5 WS20, Brown and Black barred back and wings,Gray face, brown crown,  Wide black "necklace",  Whitish or buffy breast with black spots,  White rump,  reddish undertail and underwings, male has red line off base of bill, but female red-shafted doesn't.   Found in parks, suburbs, farmlands and woodland.  They feed on ground probing for ants which are 45 per cent of itheir diet.   Will eat fruit, berries, seeds and also catches insects in the air.  Will come to bird feeders. Courtship includes head bobbin along with "woikawoikawoika" call by mated pairs.  If this is done between same sex birds it is competition for a mate or territory. Also does a soft muffled drumming. Excavates a nest cavity in a tree, post or cactus and may use a nest box.  They lay 7-9 white eggs and may have up to two broods per season.  They are altricial and incubation is 11-12 days and fledgling phase lasts 14-21 days. *Red Shafted and Yellow-shafted Northern Flickers intergrade in the Great Plains and western Canada, with intermediate birds frequent over most of the continent.

Utah Range Map
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