Male Common Goldeneye - Anatidae Bucephala clangula
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Male Common Goldeneye in breeding plumage at Mountain Springs,February 1, 2004,  ©NJDavis

Common Goldeneye

Photo Details

1. February 1, 2004 - Mountain Springs, Utah County, Utah 
2. January 19, 2004 - Antelope Island Causeway, Davis County, Utah - ©NJDavis

L 18.5 WS 26, Male-Black, tall, peaked head with round cheek patch, mostly white body,Yellow eye,  Female  has mostly dark bill with yellow tip, brown head, grayish body.  

Dives for mollusks and crustaceans. Also eats aquatic insects. Spends winter on interior and coastal waters and summer on lakes and marshes. They have several complicated courtship displays. Lays 5-15 olive eggs in tree cavity or nesting box lined with feathers.  When sites are scarce the female will lay eggs in another female's nest. Precocial, one brood, incubation 28-30 days

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