American Goldfinch - Fringillidae Carduelis tristis
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Male American Goldfinch in breeding plumage

Female American Goldfinch in breeding plumage

Male American Goldfinch in non-breeding, winter plumage

Winter plumage of Female American Goldfinch

Photo Details
1. Male, breeding plumage,   2. Female, breeding plumage,   3. Male -non-breeding, winter plumage , although lesser coverts aren't very yellow in this photo, I think this is a male.  He looks as if he still has a few tufts of black feathers on his crown.   4.  Female - non-breeding winter plumage -  December 23, 2005 -  Draper, Salt Lake County, Utah. ©NJDavis

Length 5" Wingspan 9". Pink bill -  white undertail coverts and underwing coverts, white on edges of tail to the tip -  black wings with strong wing-bars, pinkish-orange legs.  Male in breeding plumage is yellow  on body with  a black forehead, black wings with white wing-bar.  Male non breeding is tan with yellow lesser coverts and wing-bar.

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