Western Grebe - Podicipedidae Aechmophorus occidentalis
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Western Grebe admiring chick, July 25, 2004, Bear River  MBR, Box Elder County, Utah, ©Nicky Davis

Western Grebe Chick clinging to parent's back
2 Chicks peaking over parent's back

Photo Details

July 25, 2004 -  Bear River MBR, Box Elder County, Utah, ©Nicky Davis

L 25 WS 24, Long, thin, dull yellow-green bill, Long neck,  dark head, back of neck, back and wings, dark surrounds eye, white throat and underparts, short, small tail necessitates navigation with lobed feet.  Builds floating platform nest in shallow ponds, winters on coastal water and open lakes.  Toxins, predatory fish, coots, crows, gulls, herons, raccoon, mankind contribute to  declining population.

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