Great Blue Heron- Ardeidae Ardea herodias
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Great Blue Heron Flight

Great Blue Heron walking on ice

Great Blue Heron

Photo Details
1., 2. May 11, 2003  - Bear River MBR, Box Elder County, Utah - © NJDavis
3. Heron Waling on ice at BRMBR January 22, 2006  -
©L. A. Davis
4.This Heron tried to land on the ice, almost  landed on his  "keester",  then settled into this one-legged stance to show us he was more agile than his previous mishap had indicated.   December 25, 2005, Farmington Bay, Davis County, Utah - © NJDavis

L 46" WS 72".  Long  yellow  pointed  bill -  grayish blue over most of body, featherson upper legs orangish, black head plumes

Utah Range Map
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