Black-chinned Humminbird - Rochilidae Archilochus alexandri
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Photo Details
1.,2., August 15, 2005 - Draper, Salt Lake County, Utah
3. Summer 2003 - Draper, Salt Lake County, Utah

Length 3.75 inches, wingspan 4.75 inches. Slender, small-headed thin-necked, long bill, flat forehead. Tail tips are pointed and white, tail projects slightly beyond wingtips

Other information
I found this distressed female Hummingbird sitting on the patio. Perhaps she hit a window or the Scrub-Jay or the Rufous hit her. Since I had my camera outside, I sat down by her, guarded her from any would-be predators and took some photos while she got her breath back.  Fortunately, she recovered after about ten minutes and flew away.  You can see a place on top of her head where the feathers look out of place. She kept her wings spread in this pose the entire time.  I have always wanted to pet  a wild bird, but managed to refrain.

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