Red-tailed Hawk - Accipitridae Buteo jamaicensis
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Light Morph Adult Red-tailed Hawk

Light morph Adult Red-tailed Hawk

Light Morph Adult Red-tailed Hawk

Red-tailed Hawk, Adult

Photo Details
1., 2., 3.   Adult  Western light morph- January 10, 2006 - Cedar Fort  area, Utah County, Utah - ©NJDavis
4.  Adult  Western light morph -  September 15, 2003 - Hobble Creek, Utah County, Utah - ©NJDavis

L 19" WS 49"   Adult -Underwing on most  morphs have black pattern extending from neck outward on leading edge of underwing - red tail,  stocky build. They are usually  found on a perch that will accommodate their large feet.  Legs are yellow and unfeathered. A white spotted "v" is usually visible on the back of  a perching bird. They have a streaked belly-band, dark eye(in adult) and wings are shorter than the tail.  Juveniles have light eyes.  There are several variations of Red-tailed Hawks from light to dark , male, female and  juvenile plus a Krider's and Harlan's form.

Utah Seasonal Distribution  Map
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