Northern Mockingbird - Mimidae Mimus polyglottos
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Male Mockingbird showing off wings in mating ritual

Photo Details
1.  April 21, 2005 - St. George, Washington County, Utah
2 Male performing wing display - April 2, 2004 - St. George,Washington County, Utah
©Nicky Davis

L-10 WS 14. Dark eyeline, gray-brown above, whitish below, white wing bars, long tail with white side-edge

 Forages in open areas with shrubs, gardens or parks on the ground and in foliage for insects, spiders, snails, crayfish, lizards, snakes and wild fruit and berries. May come to feeder for fruit, raisins, bread and suet. Lays 2-6 brown marked blue-green eggs in nest of twigs, stems, mosses, cloth, string and dry leaves lined with grasses in a shrub, vine, cactus or tree 3-10 feet above ground. Male sings and defends a breeding territory in the spring.  Both male and female defend a feeding territory in the fall. They often sing even at night.

Utah Range Map
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