Common Merganser - Anatidae Mergus merganser
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Male Common Merganser, 3-06-04,  Gunnison Bend Reservoir, Utah,  ©NJDavis,  Anatidae Mergus merganser

Photo Details
March 6, 2004 - Gunnison Bend Reservoir, Millard County, Utah  - ©NJDavis

L 25 WS 34, Long bill that is thick at base making forehead appear to be gently sloping. Orange-red bill. Yellowish legs and feet. Male has dark green head, creamy white breast and flanks with a dark back. Female is gray with red-brown crest, white chin and breast .

Flight is strong and direct and in lines with bodies and necks straight. They are found on wooded lakes and along rivers in summer and on large lakes, estuaries in winter, usually on fresh water.A diving duck that eats mostly fish but also crustaceans and mollusks. They have a serrated bill that aids in holding fish. Courtship display includes underwater attacks and chasing on water and in air.  Lays 8-11 buff eggs in nest of weed and roots lined with down in a tree cavity, nest box, rock crevice or on ground.  Precocial with one brood per year.

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