Barn Owl - Tytonidae Tyto alba
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Male Barn Owl

Female Barn Owl

Barn Owl at Gunnison Reservoir courtesy Tracy Aviary

Barn Owl at Gunnison Reservoir courtesy Tracy Aviary

Photo Details
1. Male, 2. Female -  May 22, 2005 - Davis County, Utah
3. , 4.  - March 6, 2004 - Tracy Aviary Display at Gunnison Bend Reservoir, Millard County, Utah
©Nicky Davis

L 16 WS 42, Large head, Long gray legs, Pale tawny and white plumage, Heart-shaped white face, Dark eyes, normally Nocturnal. 

Forages for mice, rats, insects, bats and reptiles almost entirely by sound,  flying 10 feet over marshes, meadows and woodlands in open farmlands, grasslands, deserts and suburbs. Lays 4-7 white eggs in nest in a barn, old building, tree hollow or old burrow of woodchuck or badger or in a hole in a bank or cliff.  No nesting material is added.  Will use nest box.  In winter they roost in conifers, old buildings or other places that are dark. Beneficial for rodent control.

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