Phainopepla - Ptilogonatidae Phainopepla nitens
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Phainopepla, 4-25-04, Lytle Ranch, Washington County, Utah,© NJDavis, Ptilogonatidae Phainopepla nitens


Photo Details
April 25, 2004  - Lytle Ranch, Washington County, Utah - © NJDavis

L 7.75 WS 11, Short Bill, ragged crest, Long tail, Red eyes, Black with white patch on primaries shown in flight,eats berries. Female is grayish.

Flycatches for insects and eats mistletoe berries in desert washes and oak woods. Lays  2-4 dark spotted whitish eggs in nest of leaves, grass, twigs, flower lined with down and hair in fork of a tree.  May camoflage nest with mistletoe clump. Altricial. Lives along waterways in mesquite country for the mistletoe that grows on mesquite bushes.

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