Black Phoebe - Tyrannidae Sayornis nigricans
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Black Phoebe at Red Cliffs Reserve, Utah,  4-03-04  © NJDavis, Tyrannidae Sayornis nigricans

black Phoebe

Photo Details
April 3, 2004 - Red Cliffs Reserve, Washington County, Utah - ©Nicky Davis

L 7 WS 11, Black head back, tail and chest, White belly and rump. Long tail and peaked head.

Bobs tail. Flycatches over water for flying insects by wooded streams and canyons, farms and suburbs. Lays 3-5 whitish eggs in nest of mud, grass and hair lined with fine material which they stick to a vertical surface with an overhang for protection.  They will reuse the nest.

Utah Range Map
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