Say's Phoebe - Tyrannidae Sayornis saya
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phoebe nest

Photo Details
1. April 3, 2006 - Veterans' Memorial Cemetery, Utah County, Utah - ŠL.A. Davis
2. April 20, 2005 - Tonaquint Park, Washington County, Utah - ŠNJDavis
3. March 21, 2004 - Burriston Ponds, Juab County, Utah - ŠNJDavis
4.  Photo of three nests over Keith and Marilyn Davis' door to their home.  This is the fifth year the Phoebe has nested here.  The first year one nest was constructed, a second and third nest was made the next two years.  On the fourth and fifth year the Phoebe refurbished the third nest. Photo on 23 April 2013 Washington County, Bloomington, Utah - ŠNicky Davis

L 7.5 WS 13,  Black tail, Pale rufous belly, Pale gray back

Flies from perch for insects or hovers above grass in open areas with little vegetation. Lays 4-5 white eggs in a mounded cup nest made of grass, moss, cocoons, lined with hair or wool in a naturally sheltered nook, building or bridge.  The nest is reused.  The Say's rarely uses mud to build nest.