Solitary Sandpiper - Scolopacidae Tringa solitaria
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Solitary Sandpiper

Photo Details
August 12, 2003- Bear River MBR, Box Elder County, Utah ©NJDavis

L 8.5 WS 22, Greenish legs, Very Dark shoulders, White Spectacles, Dark breast.Brown to black back with white spots, Very dark unmarked underwing

Feeds on aquatic insects, grasshoppers, small crustaceans and frogs in shallow water or mud and may shake forward foot to stir up bottom insects. Winter on small ponds, boreal bogs in summer. Lays 4 dark marked greenish buff eggs in deserted nests of  Robins, Rusty Blackbird or Common Grackle in a conifer tree about 35 feet high. Precocial

Utah Range Map
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