Black-chinned Sparrow - Emberizidae Spizella atrogularis
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Black-chinned Sparrow, Silver Reef, Utah area, 4-03-04  ©NJDavis,  Emberizidae Spizella atrogularis
Black-chinned Sparrow

Photo Details
Male - April 3, 2004 - Silver Reef area, Washington County, Utah -  © NJDavis

L 5.75 WS 7.75, Dark gray head, black throat, gray breast, brownish streaked wings, small pinkish bill

Forages on ground and in brush for seeds and insects in sagebrush and shrubby hillside habitat. Lays 2-5 light blue eggs in a cup nest of stems and grassed lined with hari and fine grass placed in a low shrub. altricial

Utah Range Map
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