Black-throated Sparrow - Emberizidae Amphispiza bilineata
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Black-throated Sparrow, Caliente, Washington County, Utah 4-24-04, ©Nicky Davis, Emberizidae Amphispiza bilineata

Photo Details
1.April 24, 2004 - Caliente, Washington County, Utah
2., 3., 4. April 26, 2004 - near Virgin, Washington County, Utah
© Nicky Davis

L 5.5 WS 7.75, Black throat and breast, grayish crown, ear patch and back, pale underparts, white supercillium and malar streak.
Forages mostly on the ground for insects, seeds and some green vegetation in arid and semiarid areas with sage, cactus, creosote or mesquite. Lays 3-4 pale bluish white eggs in cup nest of stems and grass lined with hair 1-3 feet high in shrub or cactus. Altricial.Territory is defended by male against Sage and other Black-throated Sparrows. They forage in small flocks in winter with Brewer's, Chipping, Sage, and White-crowned Sparrows.

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