Fox Sparrow - Emberizidae Passerella iliaca
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Fox Sparrow

Photo Details
1., 2. June 29, 2004  - Big Cottonwood Canyon, Salt Lake County, Utah  - © NJ Davis

L 7 WS 10.5, Large light bill, dark spotting on whitish chest, brown wings and tail, grayish head. Southwest subspecies is paler than on the West Coast.

Eats fruit, insects and seeds jumping back and forth raking the ground to uncover food in it's habitat of deciduous or coniferous woods, brush areas and at the edge of woods. Individual males may have up to 3 song versions and sing all of them before repeating any version.  Lays 4-6 dark marked light blue-green eggs in cup nest of leaves, grass and lichens lined with hair and fur, placed under a tree or shrub. Altricial

Utah Range Map
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