Savannah Sparrow - Emberizidae Passerculus sandwichensis
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Savannah Sparrow, Emberizidae Passerculus sandwichensis, Heber Fields, Wasatch County, Utah, June 29, 2004, ©NJDavis

Photo Details
1.  June 15, 2005 - Tristate Marsh - ©NJDavis
2.June 29, 2004  - Heber Fields, Wasatch County, Utah  - ©NJDavis

L 5.5 WS 6.75, Small light bill, Pointed wings, Short, notched tail, Yellow on lores, White belly, Strong eye-line and mustache stripe

Feeds on ground for seeds and sometimes insects and spider in tall grass, meadows, lake and river edges. Rakes the ground to uncover food sources. Runs along the ground or flies close to grass tops to avoid danger. Male may have more than 1 mate and female may lay eggs in other pairs' nest. Lays 4-5 dark-marked blue-green or white eggs in cup nest of grass and moss lined with hair or soft grass set on the ground.

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