Vesper Sparrow - Emberizidae Pooecetes gramineus
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Vesper Sparrow, Monte Cristo, Cache County, Utah, July 02, 2004,  ©NJ Davis, Emberizidae Pooecetes gramineus

Photo Details
July 02, 2004 - Monte Cristo, Cache County, Utah - ©NJ Davis

L 6.25 WS 10, Cream belly, White outer tail feathers,  White eye-ring,  Pink bill - legs, Rufous lesser coverts,  Auriculars - pale center framed by dark color

Feeds on ground eating weed seeds, grain and insects in habitat of dry fields with little vegetation, or beach grass, sagebrush, or fields. Lays 3-5 dark marked, cream to green eggs in cup nest of grass and roots placed in depression on the ground. Altricial. Male sings from highest perch in territory and does flight song over territory of 1-2 acres during courtship.  Like dust bathing.

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