Williamson's Sapsuckers - Picidae Sphyrapicus thyroideus
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Williamson's Sapsucker  photo of pair preparing nest  ©NJDavis, Picidae Sphyrapicus thyroideus

Photo Details
June 26, 2002 - Provo River Falls, Summit County, Utah  - ©NJDavis
1. Sapsucker pair were preparing a nest.  They were tossing out old bits of egg shell, and other debris.  The female is on the tree, male is in the tree cavity. 2.  Male with insects or nesting material in his bill
3. Male taking out the "trash"

L 9" WS 17".  Male black with wide white wing-bar - white eye-line - white line from beak around to neck - underchin  red - lower belly yellow  -  Female head brown - black breast - yellow belly - back and wings black with fine white barring

Utah Range Map
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