Green-winged Teal - Anatidae Anas creccas
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Green-winged Teals resting on warm rock at Mountain Springs 02-01-04  ©NJDavis, Anatidae Anas crecca

Photo Details
February 1, 2004 - First Photo of two male Green-wing Teals resting on a warm rock andof male Green-wing Teal in the water.
 Mountain Springs, Utah County, Utah - ©NJDavis second photo

L 14 WS 23, a dabbling duck, gray body with white vertical stripe on side at start of the wing,  Reddish-brown head with iridescent green patch extending behind eye.  Always shows clean buffy streak on undertail coverts in all plumages. The female is mottled brown with dark streak through the eye, a small bill and green speculum. 

Prefers freshwater ponds and lakes in summer and in winter is also on rivers and sheltered coastal marshes.  Feeds on aquatic plants and seeds and in fall visits grainfields for seed, corn wheat, oats and buckwheat.  Lays 7-15 pale olive-buff eggs in nest of grass, weeds and down placed in depression in the ground hidden in grass or brush up to one mile from water. Precocial with one brood per year, incubation period of 21-23 days

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