Black Tern - Laridae Chlidonias niger
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Black Tern, Laridae chlidonias niger, July 02, 2004, Bear Lake WMA, Idaho

Photo Details
July 02, 2004  - Just over the Utah border at Bear Lake WMA, Idaho - ©Nicky Davis

L 9.75 WS 24, Broad gray wings, In breeding black body, legs and head, White vent

Summer on wet meadows, marshes and ponds, in winter on coast and at sea. Colonial nesting. Lay 3 dark-marked olive eggs in a loose nest of reeds placed at water's edge or floating on the surface.  Precocial.  Become very agitated and flutter over the area if you get close to the nest warning you to back away to avoid disturbing them.  Population is declining probably due to loss of freshwater marsh nest sites, pesticides and human disturbance.

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