Ruddy Turnstone - Scolopatidae arenaria interpres
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Ruddy Turnstone

Photo Details
Juvenile -  August 31, 2004 - Antelope Island, Davis County, Utah - ©Nicky Davis

L 9.5 WS 21, Short orangy legs, Rounded dark patch on breast, pale throat, non-breeding has dark with rusty edges on back and wing feathers, short, pointed bill.  In breeding has a calico pattern.

I watched this bird from the car to find it's favorite place which was just before the weather station on the South side of the Causeway. When the Stilts and Swallows startled it into flying West down the beach, I sneaked down and sat on a year's worth of bird droppings by some weeds surrounded by Orb Weaver Spiders on huge webs  and waited.  After about 10 minutes the bird came back and landed but was between me and the sun making the exposure glare.  "Best laid plans of Mice and Men (women)".  I was able to take these photos before the Swallows swooped over it's head, the Stilts scolded and off it went.

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