Three-toed Woodpecker - Picidae Picoides tridactylus
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Three-toed Woodpecker

Three-toed Woodpecker on Highline Trail  by Mirror Lake 08-01-01  ©NJDavis

Photo Details
1. 2.  July 16, 2005 - Female - Soapstone, Wasatch County, Utah
3.Male - Look closely, the bird is just peeking out from beneath the bark- August 01, 2001
Highline Trail by Mirror Lake, Summit County, Utah - ©Nicky Davis

L 8.75"  WS 15".  Male has a  yellow  crown -  speckled forehead -upper wing plain back - back  white with irregular barring - barred  flanks - Female lacks yellow crown

Utah Range Map
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