Yellow-rumped  Warbler - Parulidae Dendroica coronata
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Yellow-rumped Warbler, Female breeding, Stinky Springs area, Box Elder County, Utah, May 30, 2004, ©NJDavis

Photo Details
May 30, 2004 - female breeding plumage - Stinky Springs area, Box Elder County, Utah  - ©NJDavis

L 5.5 WS 9.25, Round head, Grayish with yellow throat , rump and side patch, White eye arcs

Forages for insects and berries in Coniferous or mixed forestin summer and in winter inhabits brusy thickets of wax myrtle and bayberry. Lays 4-5 brown marked cream eggs in cup nest of roots, grass and twigs up 5-50 feet in conifer.  Altricial

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