Bewick's Wren - Troglodytidae Thryomanes bewickii eremophilus
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1. April 3, 2004
Snow Canyon, Washington County,Utah
2., 3., April 21, 2005
Rd to Kolob Reservoir, Wshington County, Utah

L 5.25 to 5 1/2 WS 7, Southwestern adult is grayish overall, distinctive long white supercillium, flips long tail sideways. Tail is marked with black and white underneath with speckled white corners showing when the tail is flicked open.

Forages on the gound, in trees and bushes for insects and spiders in it's habitat of brush, thickets and woodlands in suburban or rural areas.  Tail is carried cocked upward  and flicked from side to side. Lays 4-11 dark spotted white eggs in nest of leaves, grass and twigs lines with grass and feather then placed in a  fence post, crevice in a wall or a variety of other places.  May use a next box.

Utah Seasonal Distribution
Seasonal Distribution - Bewick's Wren