Rock Wren - Troglodytidae Salpinctes obsoletus
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Rock Wren 4-26-04, Kolob Reservoir Route, Washington County, Utah, © Nicky Davis, Troglodytidae Salpinctes obsoletus

Photo Details
1. April 26, 2004  - Kolob Reservoir Route, Washington County, Utah
2. August 31, 2003 - Antelope Island, Davis County, Utah - ©Nicky Davis

L 6  WS 9, Pale buffy tail corners, Pale grayish overall, Back speckled, Breast and belly pale, Darkish line thru eye, In flight note cinnamon rump

Forages on ground for insects and spiders  in sparsely vegetated rocky areas. Bobs head especially if frightened. Lays 4-6 brown marked white eggs in nest of rootlets, stems and grasses lined with spider silk or wool and feathers; it's placed in a crevice of a rocky slope or an old gopher burrow.  Small pebbles are used to pave the entrance to the nest.  Nests are reused and each year more pebbles are added to the entrance. Altricial.

Utah Seasonal Distribution
Rock Wren seasonal distribution

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