House Wren - Troglodytidae  Troglodytes aedon
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House Wren photo at Butterfield Canyon 05-26-03 © NJDavis, Troglodytidae Troglodytes aedon

Photo Details
Tidbit stuck in her craw - May 26, 2003  - Butterfield Canyon, Salt Lake County, Utah  - © NJDavis

L 4.75 WS6, Short Tail often cocked, upperparts unstreaked and grayish brown, faint buffy eyebrow, underparts grayish white with some buffy barring on flanks. There are shading differences between Eastern, Western, Southeastern Arizona and populations in Mexico.

Range is at the edge of rural or suburban woods and mountain forests, clearings and aspen groves. Male establishes a small breeding territory by singing from exposed perches and putting sticks in prospective nest holes.  When a female enters the territory, his song becomes high and squeaky and he vibrates his wings.  After pairing the female chooses one of his nests, adds lining and lays 5-6 brown-marked white eggs.  The male feeds her while she incubates. They are aggressive to other hole-nesting species and may destroy their eggs and young. May use nest box. Altricial, 1-2 broods, Incubation 12-15 days.


Utah Seasonal Distribution Map
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