Bronze Copper
Lycaena hyllus

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ventral view of female

dorsal view of female

female on salvia

female on salvia

Photo Details - ©Nicky Davis
Les and Nicky Davis located  Adults July 20, 2006 at Otter Creek Wetlands, By Koosharem, Sevier County, Utah
N. 38.34.0650, W. 111.50.2758
Elevation 6977 Feet

Nicky Davis reared and photographed

Ova hibernated over winter
First instar hatched 26 April 2011 ( 5 days as first Instar)
Second instar  1 May 2011 (4 days as second instar)
Third Instar 5 May 2011 ( 3 days as third instar)
Fourth Instar 8 May 2011 (4 days as 4th instar)
Prepupa 12 May 2011 ( 1 day as
Pupa 13 May 2011 ( 10 days as pupa)
Butterfly emerged 23 May 2011

Ova:  overwinter as ova
Larvae:  Approximately 16 days
Approximately 10 days
Adults:  unknown

Host Plant
Rumex crispus

Meadow near Koosharem

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