Acmon or Lupine Blue
Plebejus acmon ssp. unk.
Species is being studied to determine identity

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eclosed 22 oct

Eclosed 20 October 2006


Acmon ssp? Located East of Guardsman Pass, Salt Lake County, Utah
After laying some eggs there was a mishap with the upper wings

Acmon ssp? Located East of Guardsman Pass, Salt Lake County, Utah

PHOTO DETAILS - ©Nicky Davis
Larva located October 5th and 7th 2006, Jericho Dunes, Near Lynndyl, Millard County, Utah
Elevation 4933 feet
North 39º 38.740 feet, West 112º 18.357 feet

The larva was located on a  Eriogonum  kearneyi  and  was thought to be another Euphilotes pallescens, but it turned out to be Plebejus acmon or lupini ssp. unknown.  These are being studied to determine species. The larvae were fed Redroot Buckwheat

1., 2., 3. 4.  Ventral Views of Acmon/Lupine Blue
5.  Dorsal View

6., 7.  Photos of Acmon ssp? from a meadow east of Guardsman Pass, Salt Lake County, Utah on 27 June 2015

"As far as the bugs from the Jericho Dunes, I am not exactly sure what those are (and I suspect nobody really knows, yet). They might be a lupini, or most likely a texanus (if texanus proves to be a separate species from lupini as Opler believes). They look very much like the texanus that fly on the E Colorado prairie in association with Eriogonum effusum (and those may or may not be "real" texanus). The acmon-lupini group requires some major revision. While the identity and distribution of "true" acmon is probably nearly known now (basically Baja, CA, OR, S WA, far SW ID and far W NV), the various subspecies currently lumped under "lupini" in the Pelham Catalogue and on BOA probably represents 4 or 5 distinct species, at least. It will take a lot of time to sort these out... "  Andy Warren

Host Plant
Kearney's Buckwheat, syn. Money Buckwheat - Eriogonum kearneyi

Redroot Buckwheat - Eriogonum racemosum

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