Melissa Blue
Plebejus melissa

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Male Dorsal Female Dorsal
male dorsal female dorsal

Male Ventral

Female Ventral
Male ventral female ventral

PHOTO DETAILS - ©Nicky Davis
Specimen from the Jack L. Harry Collection photographed by Nicky Davis

Male Dorsal: Location,  Jack L. Harry located  8.3 miles East of LaSal, Wray Mesa, San Juan County, Utah, 31 July 1984
elevation, 7400 feet

Male Ventral:  Location, Jack L. Harry located US 6, 6.5 miles East of Wellington, Carbon County, Utah, emerged
28 May 1986, elevation, 5700 feet

Female Dorsal:  Location,  Jack Harry located  at the mouth of Farmington Canyon, Davis County, Utah,  emerged
20 May 1986, elevation 5000 feet.

Female Ventral
Jack Harry located at Antelope Island, Davis County, Utah, 15 June 1983
elevation 5800 feet

Life History
Ova-  Oviposited 7-20 to 7-24- 2008 (5 days as ova)

Larvae: First instar emerged 7-24 to 7-28-2008 (5 days as first instar)
Molted to Second instar  7-27 to  8-01-2008  (3 days as second instar)
Molted to Third Instar 7-30 to 8-04-2008 (5 days as third instar)
Molted to Fourth Instar  8-04 to 8-09-2008 (7 days as fourth instar)

Prepupa 8-11 to 8-16-2008 ( 3 days as prepupa)

Pupae: 9 days as pupae

Host Plant
Astragalus cicer

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