Greenish Blue
Plebejus saepiolus saepiolus

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Specimen from the Jack L. Harry Collection
Male Dorsal
Male Dorsal
Female Dorsal
Female Dorsal

PHOTO DETAILS - ©Nicky Davis
Les and Nicky Davis  located females July 27, 2008, along the road to Mirror Lake, about mm 27, Summit County, Utah.
Elevation 10,349 feet
N 40.40.881, W 110.55.165

Photos of Specimen
Male Dorsal
Jack Harry located at Mirror Lake, Duchesne County, Utah - 24 July 1992
elevation 10000 feet

Female Dorsal
Jack Harry located 1.6 miles NW of Delano Peak, Beaver County, Utah - 31 July 1993
elevation 11000 feet

Females oviposited
July 29th - 31st on the buds and flowers of Clover, Trifolium, unknown sp.   The ova took  three to four days to develop and the larvae to hatch.

The  larvae were fed on the flower blossoms of Trifolium pratense , Red Clover.  They fed  from 23 to 25 days and then either walked off the plant looking for a suitable place to pupate or they pupated directly on a blossom.  When the larvae are small they get inside the blossoms and are very difficult to locate and move to a fresh blossom.  When I couldn't find them, I put the blossom into a cello cup  with the lid on and then waited.  Many of them eventually crawled out and were located when the blossoms dried out.  However, many were never located.  Room lights were left on 24x7.

First Instar -  5 days
Second Instar -  6 days
Third Instar - 7 days
Fourth Instar -  5 days
Prepupa -  2 days

These pupae developed for an average of  7 days, then the adult butterflies emerged. 

PLEE be us       see pee O lus

Host Plant
Trifolium pratense

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