Rockslide Checkerspot
 Chlosyne whitneyi
Adult Female Emerging

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Female emerging -  24 May 2012
emerging from pupa

 Inflating Wings

Inflating Wings
inflating wings

Working on assembling the two galeae to form the proboscis. 
The butterfly has to go through a specific sequence of movements including
coiling and uncoiling to align the galeae
working on proboscis

Continuing to assemble galeae while wings inflate
inflate wings and assembling galeae

Wings are more open - Continuing to assemble galeae while wings inflate
inflating wings and assembling galeae

Drying Wings - galeae assembled to form proboscis
drying wings

Close-up of  head, proboscis and legs
closeup of face, legs


Abdomen - white with dark dashes on underside -  dark on upperside

PHOTO DETAILS - ©Nicky Davis
LOCATION: 22 August 2011 Jacque Wolfe ex. 2 females west of main trail, south side of Sonora Pass,
Tuolumne County, California on host plant Solidago multiradiata.
GPS: Unknown
ELEVATION: 10,000 feet

1.  Emerging from pupa
2.  Inflating wings
3.  Inflating wings - dorsal view
4.  Assembling galeae to form proboscis (see for more
Continuing to assemble galeae while wings inflate
6.  Wings are more open, continues to assemble galeae and inflate wings
7.  Drying wings, galeae  joined to form proboscis
8.  Close-up of galeae assembled to form proboscis, legs and head
9.  Antennae
10. Abdomen

Ovum:  7- 8  days
Larva:  From first instar to hibernation at fourth instar took 20 days.  They were taken out of hibernation
on 1 May 2012 and were put back on Eucephalus engelmanni. They took about 15 days to mature and
 form pupae

7- 8 days ( #4 was a pupa  7 days 2 hours and forty minutes)
Adult:  unknown
Broods: one
Hibernation:  These overwinter as  larvae

Host Plant
Solidago multiradiata
Eucephalus engelmannii

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