Chryxus Arctic
Oeneis chryxus altacordillera

Male Adult Emerging

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Adult Emerging-  8:00 A.M. 25 August 2012
just after emerging


Inflating Wings



inflating wings

inflating wings

inflating wings

Drying Wings
drying wings

Drying wings

Close-up of head
close-up of head

Close-up of Abdomen
close-up of abdomen

PHOTO DETAILS - ©Nicky Davis
Set 1 - 2012
LOCATION:  Todd Stout located a female 15 June 2012 at Beaver Creek, North of Fairplay, Park County, Colorado
elevation 10,900 feet or 3322 meters.

Ova:  The female oviposited on the net of the container  holding a potted  sedge. 19 June to  24th June 2012 - One hatched 30 June 2012. Eight others hatched over the next few days - 11 days as ovum.  Thirty-three eggs were laid and only 9 hatched - 27 per cent.

Larvae:  Larvae refused  Reed Canary Grass - Phalaris arundinaceae and Blue Grass - Poa  Pratensis. Number one was kept under continuous light.  Number one  molted to second instar 7 July 2012 - 6 mm - Seven days as first instar.  Number one molted to third instar 15 July 2012 - 10 mm long - Eight days as second instar. #1 Molted to Fourth Instar 21 July 2012 - 6 days as third instar.  ( #1 fourth instar seems to have gone into hibernation as of 30 July 2012 .  No frass since then.  The larvae that didn't hibernate fed as 5th instar for about 37 days for a total  of 60-66 days as larvae.

#3 Molted to fifth instar on 30 July 2012 and attained a maximum length of 30 mm on 9 August 2012.  #3 then became shorter and wider and was 27 mm on 11 August when it stopped feeding and left the plant.  It was placed on a damp circle of paper towel in a cello cup  and pupated between 10 P.M. 14 August  and  7 A.M. 15 August.

#4 molted to fifth instar on 30 July 2012 - 25 mm long as of 2 August 2012.  #4 spent 8 days as fourth instar (22nd to 30th of July).  #4 has also been kept under lights continuously.  Total time as larva was 66 days.

#5  Hatched  2 July 2012, molted to second instar after 7 days on 9 July, molted to third instar after 7 days on  16 July, molted to fourth instar after six days on 22 July, molted to fifth instar after nine days on 31 July, attained a maximum length of 29 mm  on 16 July became shorter and shorter  then left the sedge on 22 August at 22 mm long.

Pupae: 10 days from the day the pupae form until the adults emerge

Adult Male emerged 
  8:00 A.M. 25 August 2012

Specimen:  Jack Harry pinned the specimen for me.

Adult:  Unknown 

Broods:  Biennial per "Butterflies of North America" -  James A. Scott. 1986

Hibernation:  Overwinter as  first to third instar the first year and as fourth to sixth instar the second year per "Butterflies of North America"-  James A. Scott. 1986

Host:  Reared  on  Carex microptera

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