Desert  Swallowtail
     Papilio  polyxenes coloro
Immatures, Specimen, Puddling

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Male     Immatures 2017

5th Instar Larva -2005 by Todd Stout

5th instar larva

Specimen Photos - by Todd Stout
Specimen Photos

Host Plant by Todd Stout
Thamnosma montana

Puddling at Lytle Ranch,  Washington County, Utah April 25, 2004
by Nicky Davis

Photo Details - İTodd Stout
Larva located by Todd Stout  October 29, 2005, elevation-3000 feet and 5.4 miles West of Welcome Spring, Beaver Dam Mountains, Washington County, Utah

1. Specimen Photos
2. 5th instar  larva
3. Host Plant, Thamnosma montana İTodd Stout

4.  Puddling at Lytle Ranch, Washington County, Utah İNicky Davis
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