Queen Alexandra's Sulphur
Colias alexandra alexandra

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Male and Female Queen Alexandras' Sulphur specimen

ventral specimen - Female Queen Alexandra's Sulphur

Photo Details - ©Todd Stout
Specimen Photos from  the Todd Stout Collection

Todd Stout collected the ova May 26, 2003  from the host plant  Astragalus spp. at an elevation of 5200 feet, along the  "Y" Mountain Trail, West side of the Wasatch Mountains, Utah County, Utah. The adult butterflies emerged June and July of 2003.

1. left -Photo of  male specimen, dorsal view,  Queen Alexandra's Sulphur
1. right-Photo of  female specimen, dorsal view,  Queen Alexandra's Sulphur

2. Photo of  female specimen, ventral view, Queen Alexandra's Sulphur
©Todd Stout

Host Plant

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