Dark-veined Spring White
Pontia sisymbrii nigravenosa

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specimen photos taken by Todd Stout

Photo Details

Todd Stout found  ova
from the host plant Streptanthus cordatus in April 2005 at 6000 feet  by Spring Creek, West  Northwest of  the  Rodeo Grounds, Cedar Fort, Utah County, Utah .

Host Plant
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Dyer's Woad - Isatis tinctoria
Heartleaf Twistflower - Streptanthus cordatus
Sicklepod Rockcress - Arabis sparsiflora
Tumble Mustard - Sisymbrium altissimum
Pinnate Tansymustard - Descurainia pinnata

Other host plants (not photographed)
Whitetop - Cardaria draba


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